Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Letter To Mayo Patient Affairs About

To: Mayo Clinic Office of Patient AffairsFrom: Joanna Ammons- daughter of patient Baidwatie Lecoin
My Mother had been hospitalized for three weeks as of 6/13/06.She was facing the possibility of having a below knee amputation on her right foot.I was overcome with worry and seeking alternative resources to regain circulation in her feet to opt for a less drastic surgical alternative to preserve her leg and keep her ambulatory.To my suprise, I learned through, Dr. John Filip( Bryn Mawr Hospital, PA)That under my nose was the safe haven I had been so desperately seeking.Dr. Thom Rooke, Cardiovascular Chair ( Gonda 4 South), has state of the art resources available in the Circulator Boot Clinic. His wonderful nurse,Cindy Felty and his excellent staff Jim, Tanya, and Sandy took care of her needs immediately. This was most miraculous since my initial contact occured on a Sunday ( the holiday weekend) July, 2nd. Since my mother has been treated in this department, a marked improvement has been noticed in her right foot and healty tissue is observable.
My only wish is that this resource was made known to me directly by the residents/staff that had previously treated her at St. Mary's from the onset of her blue toe syndrome back in April of 2006. She had some boot therapy at St. Mary's in April but, this was no where on the eqivocal level of resources and education provided by Dr. Thom Rooke and his staff. I had to make phone calls practically around the world to find out about Dr. Thom Rooke. When in fact, my mother had been a patient here at Mayo and no one I spoke with here had been " in the know" about the remarkable happenings in the Circulator Boot Clinic. In fact, the more I asked, the more I was discouraged from investigating. I was even told, " You probably wouldn't get in any way, he is always full."Yes, Dr. Rooke is remarkably busy. We are fortunate that he made the time to work my mother into his department. His optimism and his ability to do whatever it takes to help her is most outstanding.
My goal is to utlize my resources as a writer to spread the word about this team.
I have several plans in motion which include a website journalizing her care and to write articles for print.
I will update you as to the progress of my endeavors in this area.You will find that I can be extremely tenacious in sharing my joy with the world, as to my mother's progress under the care of Dr. Thom Rooke and his terrific staff.
I would like to close this letter by stating. I have observed the amazing way that Dr. Thom Rooke, Cindy Felty, Jim, Tanya and Sandy have shown excellence in giving care in this department. They help so many people every day. I admire their devotion to this treatment. I can only hope that Mayo Clinic will give these individuals the special attention they deserve.
J.M. Ammons

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